The following qualitative requirements shall apply:
1. Botswana Citizens both male and female (with no dual citizenship).
2. Should be in possession of a valid National ID card (Omang).
3. Aged between 18-28 years.
4. Be physically and mentally fit.
5. No adverse criminal records.
6. Minimum height of 160 cm for Males and 155 cm for Females.
7. Minimum body weight of 55 Kg for Males and 45 Kg for Females.
8. Female candidates must not be pregnant.
9. Candidates should be unmarried with no dependents or legal obligation to support a child or children.

Selection Process

All candidates shall undergo a selection process which includes the following:
1. Physical fitness assessment (2.4km run, push-ups and sit- ups).
2. Comprehensive medical examination in accordance with BDF Recruitment Medical Standards
3. Aptitude test, interviews and group tests.

Key personal attributes

Shortlisted candidates should be or possess:
1. High sense of Duty
2 Integrity
3 Discipline
4. Esprit de Corps
5. Loyalty
6. Trustworthy
7. Selfless
8. Courageous.

Mandatory Training

Successful candidates shall undergo a requisite Officer Cadet Training and a 4 year Military degree programme in the United States of America at the prestigious Air Force Academy.
On completion of training officers must be ready to serve in various geographic locations and environmental conditions.

Remuneration & Benefits

BDF offers competitive remuneration and benefit packages commensurate with qualification over and above the following:
1. Free accommodation and subsidised utilities
2. Professional and academic growth.
3. Local and international exposure.
4. 20% BDF allowance (X-Factor).
5. Free advanced medical care.