BDF Headquarters

The Botswana Defence Force Headquarters is located at Sir Seretse Khama Barracks in Mogoditshane and forms the gateway to the Defence Force .It is the nerve centre of the Botswana Defence Force where policies, procedures, planning, oversight and direction of the Defence are undertaken.

Ground Forces Command

Ground Forces Command (GFC) is commanded by a Major General, based at its Headquarters at Glen Valley Barracks. The Command was formed in 2004 for ease of command and control among its fighting elements. Ground Forces Command is made up of two light infantry Brigade Groups and one heavy Brigade Group. These brigades are made up of various components and arms that include Air Defence, Armour, Light Infantry, Artillery and Mechanised Infantry.

Air Arm Command

The military air assets are an integral part of a military establishment and through such assets, air power can be achieved. The desire for air power, which is vital for defending a country, is the reason why the Botswana Defence Force saw it fit to establish an air component during the inception phase. The Command is divided into three branches namely Operations Squadron, Air Base Security and Air Logistics.

Defence Logistics Command

Military history reveals that the most efficient fighting attributes its success to good logistical planning, which entails predicting cost, deterioration, consumptive and future demand. The Defence Logistics Command(DLC) was formed in 2002 for the purpose of supply chain management. The Command is made up of five units namely Corps of Mechanical Engineers, Corps of Food Services, Corps of Force Ordinance, Corps of Transport Services and Military Health Services.

Independent Units

The BDF have independent units with the role of providing combat, logistical and service support to ensure that the Commands charged with the responsibility of protecting the land, the air space and logistics of the Defence Force execute their different mandate effectively. These Units are:-

5 Corps of Signals – Charged with the provision and maintenance of communications link to include Information Communication Technology (ICT).

Corps of Engineers – responsible for designing, constructing and maintaining BDF installations and facilities. It also provides mobility, counter mobility, survivability and general engineering in support of operations.

Military Police – Plays a pivotal role of preserving good order and discipline and to prevent breaches of the same by personnel serving in the military.

Training Institutions - The training institutions in the BDF include among others Military College, Defence Command and Staff College (DCSC), Flying Training School (FTE), Technical Training School (TTS), Peace Support Training Centre (PSTC), All Arms Battle School and the Joint Technical Training School (JTTS).

Band Wing - Responsible for the supply of first class music for any military event, state event or any event that requires musical support and enhances the image of the Defence Force and associated charitable organisations throughout the country. The band also provides music at ceremonial functions, public and private events as well as for activities related to the Defence Force.