What are the available entry points in the Defence Force?

The Defence Force has three (3) entry points (cadres) being Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs) for Privates, Officer Candidates, and Special Entrant Officer Candidates.

Recruit privates feed the NCO stream while the Officer Cadets (O/CDT) make the Officer Corps of the Force.

Special Entrant Officers are recruited for their speciality and experience from the Health, Chaplaincy and Legal professions to enhance capacity of such professions in the Defence Force.

How long is basic military training?

Basic military training for Privates is six (6) months, Officer Cadets (O/CDT) one (1) year, and (6) months for Special Entrant Officers (SEO).

Can I be selected to join BDF if I have children?

Yes, you can still join BDF because having children is not a disqualifying factor.

After how long can one be allowed to join BDF having conceived their child either through natural or caesarean section?

Though having a child is not a disqualifying factor, a period of six (6) months should have elapsed for someone who gave birth naturally and (1) one year for someone who gave birth by caesarean section.

Do I have a choice of department or place of work after completion of training?

The organisation will place you where there are vacancies or shortage of personnel while also considering the profession / speciality of the individuals.

During my career, can I be allowed to transition from Non–Commissioned Cadre to Officer Cadre?

The BDF career path for NCO does not allow for transition to Officer Cadre. However, the Commander may when considering the needs of the organisation allow serving members to apply for the post of Officer Cadet. The candidates would then undergo Officer Cadet training to be commissioned as Officers.

Are female trainees subjected to the same training as their male counter-parts?

Yes, there is no separate training for males and females. All trainees across all cadres undergo the same training.

If I join the BDF as a Private, would I be allowed to date or marry an Officer?

In accordance with the BDF Act, relationships between Non Commissioned Officers and Officers is strictly prohibited.

During training period, would I be allowed to attend social activities such as funerals, wedding and graduation ceremonies and other social functions?

You will be allowed only 2 days leave to attend funerals of immediate family members such as, spouse, children, mother and father.

Does a person with body art such as tattoos stand a chance to be hired in the BDF?

Body art or tatoos are only acceptable on conditions that they do not display or send messages of extremism, indecency, sexism or racism and are concealed when wearing military uniform.

Is one allowed to resign any time after training?

The BDF Act allows serving members (those show have completed training) to resign at any time they wish to do so. This is done by seeking permission from the Commander BDF and then serving 3 months’ mandatory notice. However, no member is allowed to resign during their course of training.

Will I be rejected if I had undergone medical surgery in the past?

The BDF recruitment and selection process is conducted by a team of qualified, experienced and professional military medical doctors who carry out the selection process in line with the policy on various medical conditions to guide on suitability or non-suitability of candidates.

Can I be allowed to join the BDF as a non-uniform member?

Yes, the BDF employs non-uniformed members across the different functions on supportive role.